EatOut welcome pack passport concept

The air travelling concept also inspired the way to introduce Eat Out to its new employees. The Eat Out passport provided a basic insight to the company´s values, as well as a warm welcome. Employee´s also found their ID card attached to the passport´s visa page as seen on the image on the left (click to enlarge).

EatOut essence, olive seds included in the pack

Eat Out asked us to capture the essence of the company and communicate it in an inspiring way. We knew that the food chain had a wide variety of restaurants, from BBQ chicken to Italian specialties but they all had in common one key ingredient: they all use100% Mediterranean olive oil. “From The Mediterranean to the World” was not only a compromise in words. The new airport employees received within their Eat Out passport 4 seeds of olive tree of the Arbequina Catalan specialty. Hence, a piece of the Mediterranean was shared, bringing the Eat Out essence right into the home of the chain´s new employees.

EatOut Terminal 1 map of establishments

Since more than 100 establishments were opened at once, the T1 map was included to show all the new locations through out the terminal. Designed with a cartooning style, Eat Out employee’s became again the main characters of this A2 size map, making encouraging comments and welcoming all the new colleagues to the T1. (To see the entire Eat Out Terminal 1 Map click on the image above).

EatOut style guide illustrations

An illustrated style guide was included to address issues like customer service and store presence. A set of dummies introduced two possible scenarios: the bad service and its opposite, the good practice, always with some sense of humor involved.

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