Android Application designed to easily find and book a restaurant near the user. I designed this app bearing usability in mind, allowing users to sort out more than a hundred nearby restaurants with just 1 touch through a simple 3 tabbed navigation bar.

Icons and graphics have to be clean and easy to understand. Usability and immediate recognition are a must when designing visuals and icons for mobile devices.


iPhone Application for Diesel based on Augmented Reality. This app invites users to enrole in a gymkhana through out the city and win immediate discounts on Diesel products. Also, the app allows users to share their captures on social networks.

Augmented Reality allows users to interact with live content by facing their phones right in front of the subject. This app also interacts with social networks and takes advantage of the GeoLocation feature to help users locate the virtual spots hidden through out the city.


Multiplatform mobile application for sports lovers. Visual immediacy plays again a crucial role: Information design, visual hierarchy, user interaction and usability decissions are based on it. Also, users have total control over this mobile application: deciding what to see, what to read or what to hear is just one touch away from the app´s homepage. Note how the app keeps its visual identity and easy usability no matter the platform´s own specifications

Only for iPad, the client wanted to feature more multimedia and live content, including access to LIVE TV. The iPad version was designed for both portrait and landscape orientation.

Basic user flow and wireframe, a crucial step right before starting the design of the mobile application. Project managers, clients, design teams and developers should all agree on it and use it as a visual aide and handy guide while developing the project. (Clicking on the image above will open a PDF)


iPhone Application for O2. The client wanted an application that offered value to existing customers and potential ones. With WiFinder users could locate Wifi spots available through out the city, surf the internet and also name the spots so other users will always refer to that particular WiFi spot as, for instance, Yuca´s Spot. (Yuca was my pet, in case you wonder).


Multiplatform app. This app allowes users to easily buy, download and customize exclusive sports content. Note how the nav bar icons ressemble the Sport On squarish logo.

iPad presentation for O2 services. On the left, main navigation screen featuring O2´s iconic bubbles as the main navigation components.

iPad game. Chesterfield proposes users to find its iconic crown through out London by asking citizens. The app allows to sync 2 iPads so 2 users can compete in real time.

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