Back and front of Sueños square-shaped menu. Sueños back menu features a positive, energetic graphic: a detailed of the squash blossom were the flower seems to explode or come right out of the menu. This is not coincidental: guests seating in front and hence facing the back of the menu can relate to the sensations and tastes they are about to enjoy while deciding what to order. Inside, the golden paper evoques the crispy texture of the tortilla chips that Sueños serves to their patrons, as seen on the wine list above. Below, placing Sueños menus artwork before opening day.

Artisan food needs to be surrounded by artisan motifs. Sueños logo and other Mexican motifs like an aloe plant and a cactus were stenciled right over the restaurant chairs.

After few sketches, Sueños logo was first painted with goauche on a canvas to test colors, textures and lines. The result was a powerful, iconic painting that needed no more than being scanned and vectorized to obtain a final logo without loosing the original strokes, lines and textures. Below you can see one of the original images of a squash blossom used for inspiration. On the right, Sueños entrance in Chelsea.

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